“Shrove” Tuesday

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September 27, 2018
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“Shrove” Tuesday

“Shrove” Tuesday

Pancake Breakfast including all those yummy toppings!

Date: Tuesday 5th March 2019

Time: 8am – 11am

Location: Lakes Entrance Bowls Club
Cnr Rowe & Bulmer Streets. Lakes Entrance

Phone: Call 03 5155 3578 for enquiries

Price: $5.50 per serve

All proceeds go towards Good Friday Appeal

Contact us for more information

An ancient tradition which dates back to the Middle Ages, Shrove Tuesday falls the day before Ash Wednesday which is the commencement of Lent in the Christian Church calendar.

As Lent is a time of abstinence generally from foods most liked, the custom in those early times was to use up ingredients such as eggs, sugar, flour and milk on Shrove Tuesday so one was not tempted to bake sweet treats during lent.

Traditions change from country to country with Denmark offering Ableskiver, a type of donut, the French prepare crepes, the Polish Nalesniki which is a crepe-like pancake rolled with cottage cheese sweet filling enclosed and so the list continues.

The English cook their pancakes and following an ancient tradition hold a Pancake Race where contestants dressed in aprons and chef’s hats run a course flipping pancakes from a fry pan held at waist level.