The Uncles Band

Honey B & The Stingers
Honey B & The Stingers
November 9, 2015

The Uncles Band @ Lakes Entrance Bowls Club

Friday 9th October, 2015

Band Starts @ 8:00pm

Free Entry!

Book early on 5155 3578


“The uncles have taken a fresh approach to classic songs from a mix of familiar bands spanning the sixties, seventies and eighties through to more recent hits. Building on four distinctive voices, the band has a strong vocal element that overlays their more than capable musicianship. Always treating the music with respect but never taking themselves too seriously, the band often encourages the audience to participate in the performance. With a quirky sense of humour and a natural flair to entertain, the group is more than one of the usual ‘run of the mill cover bands’. Appealing to a wide age group, the uncles deliver a distinctive solid rock edge that is bound to get a crowd up and jumping.” (Going Places Magazine- East Vic Media)